Morija is located between Maseru and Mafeteng, off the Main South Road.  If you come from Maseru, you must drive past the airport and go on for about 20km before you see signs on your left indicating Morija (the first sign for the Guest Houses is also just before the turn-off).  If you come from Mafeteng, the sign will be on your right. 

Then go for about 1.5 km along the tar and ignore the turn-off on your right to Scott Hospital.  Before the road bends sharply to the left, you will see the Post Office, a stone building with a green roof, on your right and that's when you must leave the tar road and turn right.  Go up past the church and the Museum and go on straight.  You will see our third sign at that stage that will advise you to follow the white stones all the way.  Do just that for another kilometre or so.  The road is a bit bumpy but accessible to all vehicles with a reasonable clearance.  Finally you will see our last sign a few hundred metres before you reach our driveway and you discover the wonderful view on Makhoarane Plateau.  If you have access to a phone, please call the Manager, Motseo Ntsihlele, on (+266) 630 650 93 so that he will know when to expect you.  You can also ask for further directions or advice at the Museum if needed.  Travel safely or, as we say in Sesotho, "Tsela Tsoeu"!

GPS coordinates: 29°37'58.03" S  27°30'47.75" E

        in decimal: lat -29.632783°  long 27.513262°

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Tips on border crossing
  • IMPORTANT: there are new requirements by the South African Police regarding car papers; please check this document.
  • Avoid the Maseru Bridge border post when going into Lesotho on a Friday and out on a Sunday, especially at month end, as it gets very crowded.
  • Even at other times, smaller border posts are preferable, either Peka Bridge, Ficksburg Bridge or Caledonspoort if coming from Gauteng or KZN via northern Lesotho, or Van Rooyen's Gate if coming from the west or the south west.
  • Note that Ficksburg Bridge is open 24 hours like Maseru Bridge; Caledonspoort and Van Rooyen's Gate close at 10pm but Peka Bridge closes at 4pm. It's the smallest and also the quietest border post.
  • Many foreigners (especially Europeans who have lost the habit of crossing borders) often neglect to get their passports stamped properly and unfortunately poor signage does not help! Passports must be stamped on both sides of the border, on the South African side AND the Lesotho side. If travelling from SA to Lesotho, you need a departure stamp when leaving SA and an entry stamp when entering Lesotho.
  • Visitors of most nationalities do not need to get a visa in advance to get into Lesotho, they just ask for a 2-week or 1-month visa to be stamped in their passport (free of charge). Then they pay R40 for the "Road Fund" when entering Lesotho.
  • For travelling with minors out of South Africa, please check this page.



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